Halcom One

E-certificate and e-identity in cloud for every type of electronic identification.

From now on you can carry your digital identity, ie. qualified digital certificate in cloud everywhere with you. 

Halcom One enables:

  • Digital signing of documents with the same legal validity as handwritten signature
  • Portals access on click, without complications and long identification processes
  • Use of digital and mobile banking, without additional devices and readers, via mobile device, on the move.

Welcome to the digital future. 

Halcom One integration

Offer your customers e-certificate and e-identity in the cloud with all benefits 

Qualified digital certificate in cloud Halcom One is ideal for banks, insurance companies, mobile and cable operators and software companies with a large number of users.

  • Automates onboarding of new clients and speeds up administration
  • Provides the best e-identity protection (eIDAS)
  • Increases customer loyalty 
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Time is precious

Save it by making all transactions and business processes on the move

How can Halcom One make your business more efficient? Watch a video.   

Why Halcom One

Signing documents without visiting branches

Whether it is a request for a credit or a loan, an authorization, an application form, a contract... Signing is possible in a few clicks using Halcom One and it has the same legal validity as a handwritten signature. Your time should be spent on more productive things. 

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Digital and mobile banking without additional devices

Online business and financial management with Halcom One makes a daily life of your clients very easy. Your customers can use their business and private accounts without connecting readers and similar devices. The only device they need is a mobile phone. 

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Access web portals in a few clicks

Via the API, set up your web, mobile and desktop applications to use a qualified digital certificate  Halcom One and allow users to easily perform everyday essential tasks:

  • Changing your mobile package,
  • Reporting car damage,
  • Reviewing a business bank account... 
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Halcom One integration

Start using a qualified digital certificate in cloud Halcom One in a few clicks

If you already have a digital certificate, you need a maximum of half an hour to register Halcom One, digital certificate in cloud. We have designed the process to make your digital business as easy as possible. 
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